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Business Transformation
Lean and efficient business operations through better technology adoption
for lower total cost of ownership, future proofing and competitive advantage.

Melius Initiatives


The General Data Protection Regulation will affect any business which stores Personal Information, including CV’s and HR Records. Failure to comply bears a  minimum fine of €10m. Find out how to become GDPR Ready with Melius.

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Technology Consolidation

With the major launch of Cloud Technologies, businesses can consolidate and optimise the technology infrastructure to gain benefits such as turning IT into an operational cost forever and reducing total cost of ownership of IT systems.

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IT Director Service

Melius will join your business as an Interim IT Director or provide a Managed IT Directorship Service which supports the business to transform IT. The key goals are to consolidate and standardise the IT Infrastructure coupled with innovation of business process and the improvement of service delivery.

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